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What is written shall remain

March 12, 2019

A community burns from a lightning strike,

corrosion eats away Titanic’s fading might.

From solid mass to powder, it seems absurd;

but nothing remains like the written word.


Great mountains crumble amidst a quake,

tall buildings fall with a seismic shake.

A flood swept away all, taking faces of fright,

as a witness recorded that timeless plight.


Science boldly aimed for a fast-paced evolution,

until the atom bomb ceased a world revolution.

Disease spread faster than the rich ever cared,

but nothing can destroy a phrase that is shared.


Love is eternal until one rides a heavenly coach;

what remains is left, for the indestructible roach.

The faithful accept life as the weak continue to cry,

whilst nature protects words but never our lies.


Long after we leave, no brain shall remember,

your victorious day or that win in September.

Then given the choice, of trophy or script;

words live forever, once passed on as a gift.



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Ch. 13 - Dark shadows disappear

January 12, 2019

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