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This website, irvine-james.com is dedicated to my Mother:-

Marina Kent Irvine (Nee Christie). Who always encouraged my creative writing and believed that if we are willing, we can find our way.  


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A personal journey should both stimulate and question our innermost thoughts. This is, I believe, the embryo of creativity. All analysis should be both empirical and intuitive. It matters not what others think of your interpretation. To comprehend our own journey is to be at one with ourselves and our environment.

Only once you are there, can you tell your story. It will be the greatest of stories ever told!  


This is the story of my life: 

Harvey James Stewart

(Final journal entry. 17th August 1987)

Includes 21 Chapters of  Fictitious adventure,  culminating in a Love story.
The story includes select pieces of my Poetry & Philosophy,  from events throughout my life (and that of my alter Ego's life), all brought together into one rather quirky adventure.
Feel free to contribute to my forum, or discuss my chapter posts. You can criticise, corrrrect mi spelling or offer any enlightenment.
Your suggestions or corrections, that I choose to accept, will give you automatic entry to the 'Finding Harvey Fan Club'.
Plus have your name noted in any future credits in my final edit, for release as:- 'Finding Harvey'  an E-Book (or paperback) publication.
Remaining chapters will be released onto my Poetry Blog.

“Never have I seen one's lifetime collection of poetry and philosophy recreated into a thought provoking, fictional adventure. ‘Finding Harvey’ takes readers on a passage from adolescence to adulthood. Irvine’s philosophy is a refreshing analysis of our own search for inner peace and understanding. The era spans his formative years in the fictional country town of Illawonga, where he meets his true love, through to his outreach with the homeless in the shameful backstreets of Adelaide, South Australia. His quirky attributes, magnify many colourful characters and bond life long friendships.”


Professor Stan Za Erfinderisch’

Origin centre for inventive phrase: Germany.