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This website, irvine-james.com is dedicated to my Mother:-

Marina Kent Irvine (Nee Christie). Who always encouraged my creative writing and believed that if we are willing, we can find our way.  


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©   About the Book  

It follows my Alter-ego Harvey Stewart and his adventures, through adolescence and adulthood; with occasional parallels to actual events in my own life. 'Finding Harvey' is mostly a fictional love story, interspersed with poems and philosophy.

Read chapters 1 - 13, which are posted on my Poetry Blog.

Simply click below, or on any 'Read More' buttons, found on the bottom of all poetry blog posts then start reading from Chapter 1.

Then join my Forum over the following months, as I release the remaining 8 of 21 chapters of my manuscript,  'Finding Harvey'. You are more than welcome to help me edit or finesse my project, as we share in this rather quirky and curious journey.

Harvey’s adventures feature his unique friends, who shape his adolescent years. The final chapters evolve into a heartfelt love story, as Harvey blossoms into a quirky and creative adult. While his new found self-actualisation influences people's lives through his creative verse. See how his poetry evolves too.

Rust'n Red

The final phrase

Photo album of Australian landscapes, featuring rusty Automobiles. 

Photographs by James Irvine ©

  James Irvine:


I was born to Scottish immigrants in 1962. My Father Jim, Mother Marina, brother Richard and I operated 'Irvine Engineering', a family Engineering & Farm Machinery manufacturing business for 25 years. Along with elder sisters Yvonne & Caroline, we enjoyed growing up in a country community. It was there in Tintinara South Australia, that my wife Deb & I raised our two girls Eliza & Charlotte, until 2000 when we decided to move to Adelaide and thus began many new Adventures. It was in this steady-paced city, I studied Business management at UNISA, where I also nurtured my passion for creative writing.

Management opportunities took me across this vast country to the top end of Northern Territory, the awesome East Kimberly region of Western Australia; then to the beautiful Gippsland in Victoria. This amazing land and unique people, have inspired me to combine Fiction, Poetry and Photography, whilst exploring philosophy to better understand human nature & me.

As a past member of Adelaide's friendlystreetpoets.org.au I was in awe of the many characters who embrace life and ooze creative individuality.

I hope you too can share in my literal journey 'Finding Harvey'.